Our team list

  • Trần Thị Ngọc

    Founder & CEO

    The founder of Consulting WP, he has been the captain of this ship from the beginning and has sailed it to the successful behemoth it is today. He is known...

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  • Ngô Minh Tuấn

    Chief Finance Officer

    Being the CFO in the Financial Industry is a tough task, thankfully he was here to man the helm and lead the company where it needed to go. He is known for...

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  • Phạm Hữu Anh Dũng

    VP Sales and Marketing

    She is an accomplished business developer. Her skills at creating relationships with clients are legendary; her pitches are amazing, and her technical knowledge...

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  • Vũ Thị Hồng Duyên

    Chief Marketing Officer

    He has helped Business WordPress Theme reach new heights and enter new markets. His skills of understanding market perception are unparalleled, and he has positioned...

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